Green Coat Hangers

About the Green Hangerâ„¢ coat hanger

The Green Hangerâ„¢ eco coat hanger is a fully recyclable and biodegradable cardboard coat hanger made from 100% recycled materials

  • Won't tangle
  • Made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard
  • Easy to stack and store
  • Perfect for delicate fabrics and garments
  • Totally recyclable through existing paper recycling programs
  • No glues or inks used for the Green Hanger
  • Available in packs of 5, or boxes of 100
  • Can hold over 4kg across the shoulder of the hanger
  • Interchangeable with old wire and plastic coat hangers
  • Available in Adults and Kids sizes!


The Green Hanger coat hanger is the perfect way to hang your clothes. Naturally. We’ve stripped the coat hanger back to basics to ensure that your clothes are looked after, as well as the greener environment. 

The coat hanger itself is attractive, functional, environmentally sound and totally interchangeable with existing wire and plastic coat hangers. It will accommodate any garment in your wardrobe.

Made from 100% recycled and biodegradable cardboard, Green Hanger contains no inks or glues and unlike the millions of wire and plastic hangers that end up in landfills each year, our hanger is easily recyclable through your existing recycling programs.

That’s why we are happy to bare all to show you that the Green Hanger is the most natural and green it can be.


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