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Oct 06, 2011

Hi-fives for Green Hanger

Hi-fives for Green Hanger

It's hi-fives all round as Green Hanger launches it's much anticipated 5 packs. Available in both adults and kids sizes, the 5 packs are a handy replacement to our old 10-pack hangers.

Need a few hangers for your office and some for the kids wardrobe? Our 5-packs can be purchased online in any combination so you can hang your clothes with Green Hanger wherever you need them!

Of course if you have a lot of hanging to do, our value carton of 100 hangers containing 20 x 5-packs is just what you need. The carton is compact and lightweight making it cheaper to ship and easy to store which all adds up to savings for you! 

So if you liked our old 10 packs, we know you'll love our new compact 5 packs, available now for only $3.95.  

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