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Oct 06, 2011

Hi-fives for Green Hanger

Hi-fives for Green Hanger

It's hi-fives all round as Green Hanger launches it's much anticipated 5 packs. Available in both adults and kids sizes, the 5 packs are a handy replacement to our old 10-pack hangers.

Need a few hangers for your office and some for the kids wardrobe? Our 5-packs can be purchased online in any combination so you can hang your clothes with Green Hanger wherever you need them!

Of course if you have a lot of hanging to do, our value carton of 100 hangers containing 20 x 5-packs is just what you need. The carton is compact and lightweight making it cheaper to ship and easy to store which all adds up to savings for you! 

So if you liked our old 10 packs, we know you'll love our new compact 5 packs, available now for only $3.95.  

Sep 13, 2010

Green Hanger the Official Invite to the Tokyo Designers Week

Green Hanger the Official Invite to the Tokyo Designers Week

Tokyo Designers Week has become an annual fixture in the creative calendar in Asia, with the city literally taken over by exhibitions, events and parties.

As the largest and most influential design shows of its type, shops and galleries from Aoyama, to Shibuya showcase art and of course design to an impossibly fashionable Tokyo crowd. And with an increasingly eco-theme, it’s no wonder that the festival director has picked the Green Hanger to be used as the official invite for the event.

Thousands of the invites will go out in the lead up to the event giving the Asian audience a snapshot of what we have to offer.

Check out the website here

Jun 26, 2010

Green Hanger and the Harbingers of Change

Green Hanger and the Harbingers of Change

Green Hanger is proud to feature in an upcoming exhibition called “Harbingers of Change: Citizens and Sustainability”.

This black and white photography exhibition portrays Victorians who, faced with evidence of climate change and environmental degradation, have acted to live and work in a more sustainable fashion.

The exhibition, travelling around the country from June, was shot by John Werrett and curated by Morag Loh.

For more information click here

Jun 20, 2010

Hanging out at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Hanging out at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Green Hanger was a proud sponsor of the 2010 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion festival.

There were over 120 designers participating in this year's festival and around 1440 hangers were used for the event and it’s safe to say they stole the show.

The festivals Project Coordinator Felicity Howell said “Wherever possible we look for ways to make this a greener festival and the Green Hanger enabled us to generate a fashionable and environmentally friendly event.”

We’re proud that the Green Hanger went some way to promoting an eco-friendly message to the industry.

Jun 01, 2010

Helping To Educate

Helping To Educate

Educational publishing company, Pearson Australia recently released a title called Environmental Studies - Grade 5; a class book for students across Australia and Papua New Guinea.

In one of the chapters the book it looks at recycling and in particular items, which are made from recycled products. The books editor chose to use the Green Hanger in this section to highlight to students a great example of turning recycled material into a usable and functional item.

We’re thrilled that our hanger is helping to educate children about the benefits of recycling and hopefully inspire them to come up with their own alternatives to existing products!

May 15, 2010

Playboy bunny goes green with the Green Hanger

Playboy bunny goes green with the Green Hanger

You probably best know Bridget Marquardt as Hugh Hefner’s bubbly, creative girlfriend.. Well she's gone green, and using Green Hangers. Featured in the Months "What's On" Magazine, Las Vegas's No.1 Tourist Publication.

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