Green Coat Hangers

The Green Hangerâ„¢ in your home

Make a positive difference to the environment and in your wardrobe by using the Green Hanger eco friendly cardboard coat hanger

  • Easily Stackable
  • Great for all types of garments and fabrics
  • Gives you more wardrobe space
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Dispose via your paper recycling program
  • Tangle proof
  • Perfect for garage sales, markets and travelling
  • Buy a pack or share a box with family/friends
  • Now available for kids and adults!


The Green Hanger recycled cardboard coat hanger is easily stackable, long lasting, won’t tangle or get caught on delicate materials and is the perfect coat hanger shape for all your clothes. Best of all, when you no longer need the eco friendly Green Hanger coat hanger, you can simply put them in your paper / cardboard recycling bin so they can live on as a new recycled paper product.

You will also be helping the environment through tree-planting projects, investment in renewable energy sources and promoting sustainability in the wider community – thanks to our partnership with our environmental partner Climate Positive.

So grab a pack or two, share them with your family and friend network so you too, can hang your clothes well.



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